What we do

Our unique combination of industry knowledge and hands on, broad based experience allows us to deliver practical assessments and assist you in the implementation of strategy and process improvements.

We know that superior business process is the key to success. Through sharing best practices and managing change, we can help your team to deliver improved results. In addition, we can help you refine your organizational model and processes, enhancing operational effectiveness and ROI.

We can help to train and develop your team for long term, sustainable results. Building knowledge within your organization heightens awareness, commitment and focus on your long term goals.

Our services include:

Retail Consulting

Whether you need a solution to a resource problem, or there is a particular subject you would like help with, or you are simply too busy, we can work alongside your existing team and help you deliver the solution and optimize efficiencies.

  • Practical assessment of current strategies
  • Reviewing your business model to establish new opportunities
  • Review and development of merchandising strategies
  • Implementation
  • Coaching, training and mentoring of merchants through a change process.

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Business Startup

If you have a great idea, great talent and great product, but an underdeveloped infrastructure, little or no process and insufficient connections, let Retail Resource Partners help. Putting energy into planning up front ensures that you take the appropriate steps and actions to help you achieve your goals.

  • Market environment study
  • Business environment analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Articulating your value proposition
  • Developing your business plan.

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Retail Re-engineering

You know your business inside out – but allow us to help you by looking from the outside in. Consider this an annual ‘temperature check’ on any single, or multiple facet of your business. Pick the one that will give you immediate return on investment by driving sales, or cutting costs – but without negatively impacting your customer.

  • Review of business processes
  • Recommendations on operating process enhancements
  • Evaluating potential cost savings to lower your break even point
  • Development of sourcing and merchandising ‘road maps’ to enhance timelines from concept to commercialization
  • Development of enhanced Assortment Planning.

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